Discover Your Calling and Get Paid Doing What You Love
When you discover your calling, you will know how to use your calling to create additional income or even start a business by sharing your calling!
30-60 mins videos straight to your inbox when you register!
MomBiz Coach Michelle Hon

Imagine waking up every morning feeling pumped and can't wait to start the day.

Imagine not dreading going to the office and working on someone else's dream.

Imagine building your own dream business alongside your family.

Imagine knowing that what you do matters.

That is what life should be like, every day of your life.

DISCOVER YOUR CALLING and BE REWARDED doing what you love.

We will send these short 30 to 60 mins video straight to your inbox for 3 days!

Day 1: How to identify your gift, passion and unique experience
You will be able to identify your magnificence. What makes you special? What makes you tick? Really, what makes you, YOU?
Day 2: Turning your purpose into a business or an extra source of income
You will be able to identify your perfect business idea(s), BEST suited for your calling.
Day 3: Uncover the 3 Secrets of a 6-Figure Business from Home
You will have the clarity and confidence you need to take the next step, and learn a business system that allows you to work less, and earn more.
Hi! I'm Michelle.
I'm so glad you're here!

All my life I felt like I was destined for something more but I didn't know what it was.

Professionally, I was jumping from one industry to another. Each time, knowing deep down that it's not something that lights my heart in fire.

Today, I am the author of The Chill Mom, founder and CEO of multiple 6-figure businesses and the host of The Chill MomBoss Show podcast and YouTube channel all about living a full live with purpose.

I wake up everyday, driven and truly happy. My life changed the day I found my calling.

I want the same for you. 

I believe that your #mombossgoal shouldn't have to take a backseat because you have children.

You can have it all. Let's start by discovering your calling.

If you've been feeling lost in motherhood, or waking up every day feeling "blergh" about having to go to work or about life in general...

 Why don't you give this a try and see what is waiting for you at the other side? (It's free!).
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